The UK-Russia Arctic Early Career Group encourages and facilitates collaborations between early career scientists and social scientists working in the Arctic.


The UK-Russia Arctic Early Career Group formed in 2018 with the aim of developing collaborations between UK and Russian early career researchers working in the Arctic. Information about the group members, including their research interests, affiliations and contact details, may be found here.

The UK-Russia Arctic Early Career Group with a statue of Mikhail Lomonosov in Moscow (March 2018)

We met for the first time in Moscow (1st and 2nd March) and again in Cambridge (22nd and 23rd March). The Moscow meeting was at the Marine Research Centre of Lomonosov Moscow State University, and the Cambridge meeting was at the Aurora Innovation Centre at the British Antarctic Survey. Productive discussions took place at both meetings, focusing mainly on how to make it easier for UK and Russian researchers to collaborate on Arctic science and social science research. We also enjoyed a tour of the impressive Lomonosov Moscow State University campus, and had the chance to look around the Polar Museum at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge.

We hope you find this website a useful resource for developing your Arctic interests and research. The website is currently under construction.

We are grateful for the support of the NERC Arctic Office, APECS Russia, the UK Polar Network, the Marine Research Centre and Geography faculty of LMSU, the British Antarctic Survey, and the UK Science and Innovation Network.



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